Dungeon Defenders II - Enemies and Balance: Chronicles of the Mighty Wyvern, Chapter I Special Edition

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[AoS] Pudglings~<3 Apr 15 @ 10:31am 
Be patient.. We all want the game, but trust me when I say this.... We don't want them to hurry. A game that is rushed out will 99.9% of the time always suck, and be full of glitches and/or bugs. So let them finish the game at the pace it takes them so we have a complete game with minimal bugs and/or glitches...
Also, Keep up the good work! I see lots of potential in this, and hope you are successful with this game, as I will play it a lot when it comes out. <3
Aerisweet Apr 14 @ 5:23pm 
iosyo97 Apr 10 @ 1:20pm 
I need this game right NOW! :3
Rage Apr 9 @ 11:44am 
Release the fucking game already!!
CRUSTY TEDDY Apr 9 @ 10:47am 
Im getting really bored of all these posts.
tas0173 Apr 8 @ 7:07pm 
Stealthman13 Apr 8 @ 6:24pm