Creating Enjoyable, Cohesive Maps in Dungeon Defenders II

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[TRENDYENT] LauraWantsaCow Feb 4 @ 9:44am 
@Tydo "And lazerbots, fricking allpiercing allshooting lazerbots." lol, this made me giggle so much. Besides Mistymire, which other maps did you like?
Tito ツ B> Buds 15 Keys Jan 30 @ 2:01am 
Ansh666 Jan 29 @ 4:31pm 
Tydo Jan 29 @ 2:25pm 
A really bad example would be Glitterhelm. 2 very long deadends, but worse yet, with a crystal near the end of each, forcing terrible defense placements.
And with very very long way to run to get from one to the other and no good line of sight either, to allow a ranged character to try to cover it without getting really close. Topped off with 2 spawnareas really close to the center crystal and copters coming in from the bridge side. Did it (nmhc survival), but dont want to repeat it.
Servants quarters is frustrating too, specially on nm survival. More cramped than moraggo with lots of corners (LOS issues) that lets mages really pile up, because they dont have to advance enough to get into killzones. Thanks goodness for the way traps explode through walls, around corners and hits for full strength at full range. And lazerbots, fricking allpiercing allshooting lazerbots.
Tydo Jan 29 @ 2:25pm 
I have some trouble buying the argument against what you call dead-ends.
"Several maps in DDI had pretty horrible dead ends. These dead ends were disconnected to other lanes, which made navigation to each area a chore." and then using Ramparts and gardens as examples.

If anything, "deadends" are deliciously predictable. I think Misty Forest overdid it a bit compared to the natural fortification points, bit I liked it. Moraggo on the other hand, oh lord no.

But ok, on a few maps, deadeds, in conjunction with certain other circumstances, are a problem.
CRUSTY TEDDY Jan 29 @ 12:29pm 
It was way wrong.. It was just as wrong as when this complany left DD1 to die.
Faber Pastel Jan 29 @ 11:35am 
Wrong "Read more..." link
CRUSTY TEDDY Jan 29 @ 11:33am