Dungeon Defenders II - The Perils of an Uneven World

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CRUSTY TEDDY Mar 18 @ 11:55am 
Lamech Mar 18 @ 11:21am 
Don't be so crusty about it Crusty Teddy
Albertafox Mar 18 @ 11:08am 
When did the old traps look like that?
My fire traps have a yellow outline and orange-ish color that is slightly lighter in color than a detonation trap. Not red and no outline like the one shown in the video.
Tito ツ Mar 18 @ 10:19am 
CRUSTY TEDDY Mar 18 @ 8:25am 
dd2 looks so boring
StarDevil Mar 18 @ 8:25am 
create map tools for users?!?
Vadim Mar 18 @ 8:24am 
baked. Mar 18 @ 8:21am 
pls add it to early access *now*
Keith SURE Mar 18 @ 8:12am 
Nice :)
Lost Dawn Mar 18 @ 8:11am 
Damn i just cant wait , hope it would come out this year !
also cant wait to have a chance playing the alpha ! *blink*