Hero Preview: The Huntress

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Dragon^4Fly Feb 27 @ 10:33am 
dungeon defenders 2 will be on steam??? or....
CRUSTY TEDDY Feb 12 @ 4:39pm 
The traps being placed on the ground were more entertaining. In DD1 the Huntress was the 1st Hero I used and leveled to 100. Invisiblty was awesome. The purple eagle was fun fun! You could blind kill any mob thru a wall. Like the man said before me.. Crowd control! Thats number 1 for me in Tower Defence games. The more I read about DD2 the more I think I will just play it to play with the new heros that arnt in DD1, then go back to playing DD1. I just hope that the 5 or 6 new heros are worth the 30 USD's.
Wyldbill Feb 12 @ 8:51am 
It sounds like the Huntress is going to become less crowd controlling. In the first game, she had automatic firing with the inferno traps and such, really her only form of instant DPS was the explosion trap. Later on, players would respec her to total Hero DPS due to crossbows that would add things such as +9 shots. They were visually interesting, but entirely OP. Her geyser tower seems to be ineffective on its own and the poison dart tower should really only be used near the front to soften enemies making her seem pretty ineffective on Single Player. My question is: Will she become more of a sniper character (High DPS, Low rate of Fire, Little Crowd Control) with towers that support such gameplay and if so, will steps be taken to make her more viable as a starting hero in single player?
Alexius Feb 12 @ 8:47am 
I loved the first game, with more than 300 hours in it, I expect the second one to be awesome. I would really enjoy to play the alpha... So please Trendy, give a longtime fan a chance to play the Alpha and see how the game shapes up to be.
[TRENDYENT] LauraWantsaCow Feb 12 @ 8:11am 
@CRUSTY TEDDY I would really love to hear your thoughts on why the DD1 Huntress was more entertaining. :)
CRUSTY TEDDY Feb 11 @ 5:45pm 
The Huntress in DD1 is more entertaining.
[TRENDYENT] LauraWantsaCow Feb 11 @ 3:18pm 
@CRUSTY TEDDY Why is it boring?
CRUSTY TEDDY Feb 11 @ 2:39pm 
Valhatros Feb 11 @ 11:50am 
Can't wait to try it.
Hassulol Feb 11 @ 11:43am