Flash Sale: Dungeon Defenders and All DLC Are 75% Off!

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iTzYungPhoenix Jun 30 @ 7:14pm 
Is there a way to subscribe to Trendy so I know the next time you guys do a sale? I missed the sale and I want to buy my girlfriend and my friends the dlc. Thanks for reading! Keep up the good work guys!
Smaill jak malovaný Jun 30 @ 2:57pm 
Pls Defend your DD 2. On DD 1 can have sooo many people cheats (cheat engine etc.). Please dont take me cry to do in DD 2 too. :(
zzhenekk Jun 29 @ 2:38am 
redo would be fantastic!!!I'm also missed 75% sale(
Mattick Jun 24 @ 1:35am 
Please redo this promo ! I missed it D: 75% off complete pack god .. damn it... :( REDO!
edgars444 Jun 23 @ 6:10pm 
i didnt care because the collection price is still SOMEHOW the same 11 euros. you should buy it
Sharp Jun 23 @ 2:35pm 
DLC is at 50% while game is at 75% now :(
jellow86 Jun 23 @ 11:33am 
все есть уже)
edgars444 Jun 23 @ 10:47am 
2nd chache has been gven with vote of 55%. i bough it. :P. goodluck guys
tas0173 Jun 23 @ 10:29am 
Митрандир Jun 23 @ 10:26am 
Cmooon где я в такой час денег достану(