DiRT 3 details revealed

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tgibbsz32 2010年8月27日上午7:47 
why would you post requests here?
Randosaurus Rex 2010年8月2日上午2:28 
@Tungah, Why are you asking Valve? They don't control the developers. They just give them permission to use SteamWorks as DRM.
Terdog 2010年7月30日上午7:44 
I agree, I would rather have Steam intergrate Steam than GFWL.
GENOSAM 2010年7月17日上午12:44 
+1 On GFWL intergration, i too love adding points to my gamerscore
Auf Wiedersehen 2010年7月3日上午4:42 
Sweet news. Yes, please don't integrate GFWL, just Steam :P
DREADLOCK UNiCORN 2010年6月28日下午4:16 
steam integration! but with points?!?!?!? theres an idea lol
Chris aka Im a Jackass 2010年6月21日上午9:44 
umm Sweet I think
Bants 2010年6月20日下午4:36 
If GFWL unlocked achievements without Gold membership, I'd support it, but as it doesn't then I'd prefer steam intergration.
she doooo 2010年6月16日下午10:22 
Am I the only one who actually likes the GFWL integration? I like that the achievements add to my XBL Gamerscore :)
Madfish² 2010年6月13日上午6:49 
No Steam OR GfWL integration please. Both are really evil tools - thanks for not spywiring our systems or I'll just not buy and play Dirt3 either.