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Hello, fans! I wanted to take a quick moment to address our Dawn of War community and provide an update for you all!

First off, I'm very happy to announce that a minor patch that will be going out today. This update addresses a few technical issues, corrects some statistical anomalies and adds minor button functionality to our automatch completed game page.

In addition to this update, we also wanted to let everyone know that we will be building out our community team this year. We've shrunk in size here at Relic - from three people to one - and recognize that we need more assistance to better serve our Dawn of War community! We ask our fans for patience during this time, and are looking forward to introducing you to new staff as they come on!

Patch notes for today's update are as follows:

Dawn of War 2 Titles

Updated build:

ver. 2.6.10236 Dawn of War 2

ver. 2.6.10236 Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising

ver. Dawn of War 2 Retribution

1. WorldBuilder
  • Resolved crash issues with the Worldbuilder when creating user generated maps.
2. Automatch

  • Can now click “continue” after a ranked game is complete.
3. Statistics

  • Corrected issue where stats were only being recorded when a player conceded or ended a game.
4. Statistics

  • Corrected issue where some achievements would not unlock.

    • i.e. Primarch and other difficulty achievements.

    • i.e. Unlocking Last Stand war gear progression items.
5. Pause

  • Pause/Break Key now functions for Single Player.

  • Pause/Break Key during Replays now function.
6. Lobby/Chat

  • Some behavior with Party Chat and General Chat have been adjusted.

    • i.e. Party Chat isn't automatically selected when entering a party/lobby if the general chat is already open.

Dawn of War 1 Titles

Updated build:

ver. 197807 Dawn of War Game of The Year / Winter Assault

ver. 197806 Dawn of War Dark Crusade

ver. 452 Dawn of War Soulstorm

1. Misc.

  • Resolved some server exception issues.

This update will go live at approximately 11am pacific standard time.

We look forward to a bright year for both the Dawn of War 1 and Dawn of War 2 communities!
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