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The Sega companies are at war. Worlds are at siege, chaos spreads, consumes us all. Here there will be war. This time our enemies are that of Company of Heroes and the alliances at Total War for Attila. Will you fight with us? Here there will be WAR!

Make War Not Love 3, the third annual Relic vs Creative Assembly community event, will commence on February 14th at 6pm GMT/10am PST/7pm CET and run until 6pm GMT/10am PST/7pm CET, February 20th.

The criteria is as follows:

As many players as possible playing the game your loyalty lies with! The winners will be based on the % of increased matches played compared to the average. So the more friends you bring to play battles with you the better!

*This includes all Dawn of War II titles! So this includes Dawn of War II, as well as Chaos Rising and Retribution!

This will start on the 14th of February at 10am PST and finish on the 20th of February at 10am PST. Every 2 days (totaling 3 rounds) there will be a winner and content given away from Sega! There will then be an overall winner and you will win the Tau Commander!

Check out the official website [] for updates and stats!

Make sure you are following our @DawnofWar twitter and Facebook account for updates!
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