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This weekend new troops are being sent to the Eastern Front as Company of Heroes 2 is having its first ever Steam Free Weekend.

Starting today and running until Sunday January 19th all Steam members will be able to play Company of Heroes 2 for free. No conditions, no catches, it’s the full Company of Heroes 2 experience and it’s a click away for all Steam members. Players will be able to experience the full single-player campaign, the single player and co-op Theater of War experience in Operation Barbarossa and of course the CoH2 multiplayer.

Veterans of CoH2 will not only have new allies and enemies to faceoff with in multiplayer this weekend, but as an additional bonus we are unlocking all of the game’s paid DLC commanders for four days of play. So if there’s been a Commander you’ve wanted to try on the battlefield then this is your chance.

As an additional bonus multiplayer automatch games will be awarding ten times the experience all weekend. Yup, that’s right 10x XP all weekend long for any automatch game.

Have a friend who you think would love Company of Heroes 2? This is the weekend to get them playing the game. And as an added bonus the game will be 66% off on Steam, allowing everyone who loves playing it for free to keep it for a very low price.

Welcome to Company of Heroes 2, we’ll see you on the front lines.
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