Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade

Dawn of War Letter from the Designer

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JFK Jul 26 @ 3:48pm 
you are a great company. you really care for the gamers. thanks
Regime Jul 19 @ 5:38am 
Thank you.
Unicorn(Stoned) Jul 16 @ 8:16pm 
Do alot of people still play this game?
mcawesome Jul 13 @ 3:41pm 
super happy with this
[W.S] ╠SZ╣︻╦╤─ Jul 11 @ 11:12pm 
I agree with you DoW was a large part of my chilhood too, If they do make a DoW3 i hope they make it like DoW1 but with the epic customized ablillty of DoW2 :D
Dechuri Jul 10 @ 7:23am 
Im really glad sega has picked up relic as it seems the have been making a lot of good decisions and DOW was a large part of my childhood hopefally this brings back a great series that has declined over the years but word of advice if you make DOW 3 make it so the building style of dow 1 is prevalent and the customize ablility of dow 2
Sanity Jul 9 @ 1:42am 
So I just managed to play a game with a friend, but we both saw completely different things play out. Such as me sending over Hammerheads to help him out while he's being attacked, but there's nothing attacking him and I haven't even built hammerheads >.<
It was really weird. Hope that's fixed soon.
OLDbespreDEL Jul 7 @ 9:12pm 
парни кто играет?
Lord Crull Jul 5 @ 6:49am 
Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is not working! I am clicking on it but it doesn´t works! Please fix that!
[GG] GenJoker :Gramps: Jul 5 @ 1:46am 
I hope this is the reason why the games i have from them are crashing and that when this gets resolved they start running correctly otherwise goodbye warhammer