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Hello guys,

‘Trace the evidences!’

Elwood village is being cluttered by a mysterious phenomenon these days.
According to Alice, there is a rumor circulating that unknown forces has plot
to invade the village using indoctrination with unrevealed things.

Also, she’s said that monsters got some kind of shifty going on and asked
you to expose a plot what they are planning from hunting them.

Let’s trace the evidences to find out what has been going on in the village for Alice!

-Event Duration-
November 26 to December 10, 2014

-How to participate-
  1. Visit the NPC ‘Alice’ in Elwood village, Watervale or Durion Catle.
  2. Accept “Mysterious Trace” event quest.
  3. The Pouch of Evidence is turning up from hunting monsters.
  4. Open the pouches. Each pouch drops one of the 4 letters.
  5. Collect enough to spell out ‘EVIL’
  6. Once you collect those 4 each letter then return to Alice,
    she will give you the reward box.

-The Reward Box drops one of items below-
  1. War Horse Ride Ticket [10 Days] x1
  2. [Mat] Colorful Arche x 1
  3. [Mat] Gold Arche x 1
  4. [Mat] Silver Arche x 1
  5. [Mat] Red Arche x 1
  6. Energizing Drink x 1
  7. [Gift] Attendance Stamp x 1
  8. Beauty Shop Coupon [Hair] x 1
  9. Voice of God x 1
  10. Stamina Elixir x 1
  11. Attack Elixir x 1

Please remind of this event quest is available to be completed only 50 times each day.

Enjoy and good luck!

DBO Support Team

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