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Good morning!

We’ve spent all of October to introduce you to the new class “Fighter” for easier understanding.
Now it is time to unveil what’s coming to Dark Blood Online next upcoming update.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Fighter’s pictures and intro clip as well as Fighter's Guide!
Please keep visiting our forum page and checking back what’s updating about the fighter!

Click here to link to DarkBlood channel on Youtube directly

Q. What is the Fighter Class?

Fighter features a martial-art specialist with various combinations of punch and kicks which quickly approaches the enemy to inflict the greatest damage in the quickest time.

Players start out as Fighter, and become Speeder or Balancer upon Ascending and a main weapon is Gauntlets or Tonfas depending on your Sub-Class.

The type of weapon used will affect combat style. Tonfas have a slower attack speed but fires great powerful damage. Gauntlets are much faster, and can hit multiple chain skills quickly in succession for a more dynamic style.

Q. What’s Excel and Pressure system?

-Excel System-

Speeder is affected by the Excel System which offences
opposites with more fast attack and movement speed
when hitting combination attacks increasingly.

-Pressure System-

Balancer is affected by the Pressure System which unleashes
overwhelming power on enemies by releasing a key
where you are going to use at right timing.

Q. How to Control?

Basic Keys Settings
A, S : Right-Hand / Right Kick – Strong Attack(Cooldown: 2s)
Z, X : Left-Hand / Left Kick – Normal Attack(Cooldown: 0s)

When you use normal attack more than 5 times consecutively in 4 seconds,
unintended Strong attack will be unleashed in agitation.

Q. What's majority skills of?

Major Skills
Skill Icon Skill Name Commend Description
Split Upper →, → + S Delivers a hook on opposites with the strength of delts.
Double Kick →, → + A A front high kick that makes opposites bounced up in mid-air and stumbled.
Linear Cannon →, ↓ + S Charges energy on a fist quickly then delivers a powerful punch on enemies.
Wave Shock ↓ , → + S Discharges explosive Shock wave on a target.
Leap Position ↓ , → + A Dash and Kick. Multicast up to 4 times.
Dragon Screw ↑ , → + A Take-off slightly and delivers a whirling kick on enemies.
Major Skills
Skill Icon Skill Name Commend Description
Krause Kick →,↑+A Leap slightly and kicks an enemy several times then hurl it down with a drop kick.
Body Combo X, X, X Jabs it rapidly and delivers a powerful right hook on a target.
Giant Boom →,↓,→+A Throws a Back side kick while leaping, then bash enemies with a powerful punch.
Cold Break ↓ , ↑ + S Charges energy from dragons then discharges to explode enemies nearby.
↓ , ↑ + A Summon a dragon and belch out fire breath.
Major Skills
Skill Icon Skill Name Commend Description
Spin Blow →, ↑ + S Spins your body and bash enemies with an powerful elbow.
Body Choke Hold→+A Chokes a target nearby.
Hold↓+S Hits ground with a powerful fist and delivers a seismic wave on enemies
Rhino Fury ← , → + S Showers one-two punch on a enemy. Multicast up to your MP.
Soul of
← , → + A Summons 6 dragons within each selected areas.
Buff Skills
Skill Icon Skill Name Commend Description
→. →
+ Space
Bobs and weaves from side to side to evade punches by enemies.
Blessing of
↓ , →
+ Space
Summons 4 dragon's energy for 30 sec.
of Life
↓ , ↓ + Space Toggle skill. Consumes your HP to increase attack speed and damage.
Buff Skills
Skill Icon Skill Name Commend Description
Agility ↑, ↑ + Space Increases attack speed per sec by 0.15
Flurry Hold ↓+ S increases attack speed by 80% for 2 sec.
↑ , → + Space Summons 4 dragons on a target selected and inflicts on enemies near the target.
Buff Skills
Skill Icon Skill Name Commend Description
Kauch Hold↓ + Space Transforms enemies on a sandbag and their HP deducted by 4.00% continuously.
→ ,↓ + Space Boosts Max Pressure power by 40% for 15 sec.
or Alive
↑ , → + Space Kills enemies within wide radius of you. if it fails by 30% chance, their attack and HP will be boosted by 300%.

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