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Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45

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Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45

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Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 is a western front modification for Red Orchestra: Ostfront. It focuses on the Allied invasion from the Normandy campaign in 1944, through the failed Operation Market Garden in Holland and beyond the Battle of the Bulge. It covers not only the intense infantry battles the campaign is so well known for, but also includes the epic large scale tank battles that took place in the later stages of the war.

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Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!

One characteristic of Darkest Hour that has bothered most the developers and I’m sure remains at least a question in the minds of players is the fact that barbed wire is of little significance in levels. One major goal of ours for DH 6.0 was to develop new barbed wire fences and we’ve successfully done it. These fences will not be navigable by infantry and therefore will have large combat significance. We will be giving sappers a new utility item, known as wire cutters to ensure infantry can properly navigate the battlefield. Also vehicles will be able to destroy wire segments to help the infantry. We understand this can change the flow of balance and we can and will generate pre-cut fence sections as needed to ensure the favored DH game-play.

Not only have we got new barbed wire, we have new wooden fences, and gates. Which are also destroyable via armor. Because of the scale of maps and the number of these obstacles, our coder has coded a new system which has very little network impact and is extremely optimized.

For time constraints, we’ve chosen roughly seven maps to expose the new obstacle system on. Because this is the Holidays we’ve chosen to include many screens for your viewing pleasure. We will hopefully have video with wire cutters in action soon. Until next time, enjoy the holidays!

For screens check out our Facebook:
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