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Crazy Machines 2


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Crazy Machines 2 is packed with all new features to help you create your wackiest "rube goldberg-style" contraptions ever! All new elements, plus an amazing 3d physics engine lets you craft even more complex gadgets and effects. Kick your brain into high gear with incredible mind bending puzzles. Tinker with wrecking balls, lightening rods, lasers, pulleys, springs, gears and more to create the chain reaction you need! Unlock a new 3D world of addictive fun that the entire family will enjoy!

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Dear Crazy Machines 2 players -

My QA Manager has given me a new allocation for 25 keys for Jewel Digger DLC. This is for purchasers of the Crazy Machines Complete Bundle on Bundle Stars. Keys for Jewel Digger were not included for some reason so we are making up for this by manually handing out keys on Steam.

To get one, please email me your bundle stars receipt and I will reply with a key code.

One key per customer.
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