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Crazy Machines 2 is packed with all new features to help you create your wackiest "rube goldberg-style" contraptions ever! All new elements, plus an amazing 3d physics engine lets you craft even more complex gadgets and effects. Kick your brain into high gear with incredible mind bending puzzles. Tinker with wrecking balls, lightening rods, lasers, pulleys, springs, gears and more to create the chain reaction you need! Unlock a new 3D world of addictive fun that the entire family will enjoy!

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Dear Players,

In response to players giving us feedback that the game has not launched, the PhysX System Software is now part of the installation process - If you already have the game installed , you won't notice this change. All new installs and all reinstalls from this point forward will install the latest Phys X software. As always please continue to use the thread that's stickied in the forum if you encounter any trouble launching the game and give us as much information as you can about your system that your running and I will pass this onto my QA manager.

Thank you as always for your feedback , and thank you for supporting Crazy Machines and Viva Media!

Jason Carver
Community Support at Encore Software / Viva Media
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