Introducing Sid Meier’s Civilization V for SteamOS

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Bull Moose годину тому 
I cant even get mine to run past the menu loading screen. IDK it was working fine a day ago.

jon_yates 17 вер о 1:47 
I tell you whats NOT working for me Steam...

When I log on to play the game, and it won't run because it wants to update. An update which looks like its going to take almost an entire morning!

Here's the thing, if the game needs to update, then I want to be able to choose WHEN it does so, for instance, when I go to bed, or perhaps when i go to work. NOT when I have some free time and I feel like playing.

The laptop that I use to play belongs to ME. I should be deciding the schedule for updates, not you guys.

If you want to be the ones that call the shots on that, then buy me a laptop and I won't complain, otherwise, have a bit of courtesy and consideration for your customers.

Now then, what shall I do for the rest of the morning...

federico 4 вер о 14:24 
I've got just the base version of the game, and now I'd like to get the complete one. Is there a way to purchase all the expansion and DLC packs, without buying the game itself again?
(Maybe I'm asking a stupid question, but thanks for your attention) :-)
{W`C} Sir Spanky 24 сер о 22:08 
Since the Update / Conversion... I am now getting Video Driver Failures and Terrible Artifacts on my Windows 7 Machine.
genfu 21 сер о 23:15 
Running Civ V on Full graphics, no lag, intel HD integrated chip on xubuntu linux.
VuurDraak 18 сер о 7:56 
Hopefully Civ 5 will also become available for Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS

@Spite: I got Civ 4 running with Wine 1.4.1, plays great on my Phenom II + Geforce 660 GTX on Ubuntu LTS, Play on Linux can install the standard DVD version that you can buy for a couple of Euros in a shop.
Aspenforest 18 сер о 6:33 
You forgot to implement modding capability.
Spite 16 сер о 21:43 
Can we get a port of IV? This version really IS the console jockey version, but I would hope we could get the non dumbed-down version on SteamOS.
YokaiRick 16 сер о 11:16 
Thank you for the port.. It's really great!!
RobLoach 12 сер о 7:57