Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

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ARROW Mar 26 @ 6:16pm 
the first thing can make steam, is banned all the hackers guys cheats, and fix the price in keys
LARS Mar 23 @ 1:41am 
Здравствуйте !!!
Прошу меня разбанить на миксах
По моему я получил бан не за что -
Дела было в том что у меня отключили свет и у меня выключился компьютер
после того как я его включил у меня бан на миксах
MoltenShockZ Feb 25 @ 12:43am 
please change the scope. we have a game called cod fora reason and now the aug and sg 553 look just like it cs is good with its original scope cs go is a really good fps probs the best pc one and the fact that now the scopes changed now it's cod which changes the game a lot
JonnoXD Feb 24 @ 10:26am 
please change it back, i like CS because its NOT all about gun porn and weird community things. dont make it into TF2 please! we already have TF2 for this sort of thing! ): ): ):
Nisator Feb 22 @ 8:41am 
Die Alte Aug (bzw. deren Visierung) war besser, bitte macht es auswählbar was für eins man haben möchte, bitte :)
112aina112 Feb 21 @ 11:08pm 
sa kan du gålpa mig köra contu strike
Goodman Feb 21 @ 6:41am 
good scope
Demolition Dirk Feb 20 @ 2:50pm 
99,9999 % of community want old scope back! So give us the real Aug/Sg back pls
Aug was fine before the buff, they took aug that was good made it OP and now ruined it
So Long, Orion Feb 20 @ 10:13am 
valve please please please fix this background.swf file thing. tons and tons of people are bitching about it. After the most recent update, the file is required to join a game. This file is garbage and for people that don't have a 2000 dollar set up, makes the game almost un playable. Any attempt to shoot at an enemy that is shooting at you while this file is dropping your fps results in 10-25 fps and an inability to shoot effectively. I am sure you understand the importance of being able to accurately click on someone's head 1 time and kill them. Please fix this screw up.