Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

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mystery cookie 13 mei om 1:06vm 
c'est de le merde valve suce ma putin de queu salope !!!!!
da9L - CSGOLIST.COM 25 jan om 5:11vm 
Shameless Self Whoring.. xD

Why not check out my sticker? wont be long ;)

- thanks ;)
killua 27 dec 2014 om 3:29vm 
Hey guys, i'm an old Counter Strike player, i always wanted to get some nice skins to play with but since i'm poor I can't afford it.
This is my only Chrishmas Wish, if any generous player who see this and can afford anything to support me with any kind of skins i would very much appreciate.
If any of you feel me and want to donate me for Christmas please send me a trade offer. My steam trade offer link:
Thank you all for helping me out and have happy holidays and Merry Christmas!
bAceX 11 mei 2014 om 4:12nm 
huntsman case probability of being dropped is totally messed up. Maybe it's not...well, it doesn't matter, I don't buy keys, I just hoard cases, so they stay in my inventory.
Sanya 11 mei 2014 om 3:23vm 
Huntsman Case,хорошо идет на торговой площадке
sayed_ali_hussain 9 mei 2014 om 3:07vm 
guys please give me counter strike as gift please i want it
PesTryaK 8 mei 2014 om 11:07vm 
Gtfocker (EST) 7 mei 2014 om 5:21nm 
FarmerFuck 7 mei 2014 om 10:20vm 
I fucking love this update!