Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

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Shade_of_KinG 20. dub. 2014 v 12.00 dop. 
Developers, transfer please m4a1-s, cz-75, usp-s into the category of "standard weapon".
It is more convenient. Please
J王rR-y `` ™ ®Anti-Cheat 8. dub. 2014 v 12.35 odp. 
Valve Tafafından TÜRKİYE MaçSunucu Açılmasını İstiyorsanız Sizde Bu Adrese Yorum Yazın ..

Turkey Servers -Need Officials Steam Server"Competitive"
Dear Friends and Officials,

Together with our friends are playing this game for a very long time.Almost every day, trying to play the competitive match. But we have a problem."Ping"
So for me and my friends we would like to official Turkish servers."3-4 Officials server Enough"
Many countries have its own server.And we want to play in a match with low ping. Thank you for reading patiently.


Cs Go Mac motorunda max pingi 100-150 yapmak istemiyorsanız, yukardaki adrese yorum yazın

avrupalı 10pingle maç atarken siz 50-60la atmayın..

en az 1000kişi tepki koyalım..
e.theking 28. bře. 2014 v 3.46 dop. 
very good
Акруш 23. bře. 2014 v 1.41 dop. 
Здравствуйте !!!
Прошу меня разбанить на миксах
По моему я получил бан не за что -
Дела было в том что у меня отключили свет и у меня выключился компьютер
после того как я его включил у меня бан на миксах
Blaze it 5. bře. 2014 v 8.21 dop. 
Not the best idea to make money
shrowd 2. bře. 2014 v 12.15 odp. 
game will not work, says "no signatures, no invalid signatures", reinstalled all it says is" update files corrupt"....
---<Killer Lemon>--- 28. úno. 2014 v 6.44 odp. 
imDistort 27. úno. 2014 v 10.28 odp. 
thanks for making us pay for bravo maps, then take them away and make us pay for them again..
Escaper 27. úno. 2014 v 10.04 dop. 
Heerser 27. úno. 2014 v 9.40 dop. 
I've got CPU spikes since this latest patch .. It makes the game unplayable in a stable way.