Burial at Sea: Episode Two -- Exclusive Preview Clip

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zynisch Feb 19 @ 7:37am 
Denis Feb 10 @ 6:16am 
Awesome,it's really cool,i want to go through bioshock again and dlc,that's really cool
just-a-nice-guy Feb 9 @ 2:02pm 
fbghpmgbdvbfduivhfdiuvbhèv damn so good i cant wait
Бабочка-монарх Feb 9 @ 11:13am 
짱구는못말려 Feb 8 @ 8:43am 
오오.... 드디어 엘리자베스를 플레이하는건가
Rovidan Feb 4 @ 6:04pm 
hope to be longer
SAB Feb 4 @ 3:24pm 
Ep2 hasn't been released yet. You WILL get it once it's released. ... here have a cage thingy
RainbowDuck Feb 4 @ 3:07pm 
Fuck this i just bought the "Season pass" and it said it included the Burial at Sea episode 2..... THIS IS BULLSHIT I BOUGHT IT AND I NEVER GOT THE SECOND EPISODE!!!! THIS THING WASTED MY MONEY it said if you bought the season pass then you'd get the episode 2..... fuck.....
Eodarion Feb 3 @ 6:04pm 
oh yes! :D
The Songbird Feb 3 @ 4:21am