Ship Construction Hangar DLC...

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SuFFeRing Feb 9 @ 11:08am 
Nice !
Arren' Feb 5 @ 12:19pm 
The new ships looks be cool. °o°
beansmyname Feb 2 @ 2:33pm 
Can hardly wait to give you my money. Pre-order for access to beta?
Timmy_22222001 Feb 1 @ 8:21am 
YES, YES, YES! OMG this look sooooooo epic!!!! Thank you so much for caring so much about this game to keep adding content to it! Consider it already boughten as soon as it comes out *applauses*
Yannis Tijoriwalla Jan 31 @ 6:30pm 
At this rate, maybe Beat Hazard 2 isn't necessary...
Ra and Robofish Jan 27 @ 8:03am 
This makes me moist
Rainbow Dash Jan 26 @ 5:23am 
BabyBearFTW - The Sun Jan 23 @ 11:05am 
Already got the money on the table starg gimmie the DLC
michal9631 Jan 22 @ 11:42am 
KorDen Jan 22 @ 10:58am 
Wow, achievements already here!
- Death Blossom Mission
- Star Runner Mission
- Mosquito Mission
- Juggernaut Mission
- Speedy Mission
- Razorburn Mission
- Dragon Fire Mission
- The Collector Mission
- Slick Mission

Starg, how about something like "early beta access"? :)