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Major Update 1.9

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RUSSification Apr 4, 2014 @ 4:35am 
TheMisanthropist Mar 20, 2014 @ 11:53am 
If you're looking for a reason why that would be inadvisable, I offer the following:
In order for the game to be ideally accessible to new players, instructions and/or tutorials should always be one of the first things a player sees. Think this is flawed design methodology? Think back on every game you've ever owned. I would venture that %85 of them exemplify this design. Secondly, the ship hangar being set before the options to actually play the game ensures that the overzealous of the population realize it exists, and just how deep the BH rabbit hole goes before jumping right in. This breeds additional interest the very first time you launch or play the game. Whereas, if it were farther down the list, some people would just go directly to the "actually play the game options", and might dismiss the game prematurely. This in turn could potentially deprive people of something, from which they may have garnered many hours of fun.
TheMisanthropist Mar 20, 2014 @ 11:53am 
You're kidding right? Seriously... people will cry about anything given the opportunity. I'm sure over the course of your entire Beat Hazard "career", the 0.27 seconds it takes for you to hit that button two times will add up to a whopping and unforgiving.... 46 seconds? And hey, at least you'll know in which direction to point your lawsuit when you develop carpal tunnel at the, unreasonably, early age of 57... right? Stupid developers and their additional content, attention to the community, and unforgivable commitment to shaping things we enjoy!

Looks great Starg. Can't express how excited I am to enjoy all of the new features you're working on. Keep it up.
tparadox Mar 17, 2014 @ 10:23am 
Adding the hangar means there's now two menu options to scroll through to get to the "actually play the game" options. Could the next update move the hangar to below Two Player or Online Play? (And for that matter, could there be an option to hide Instructions from that menu?)
Xudmud Mar 16, 2014 @ 7:19pm 
Any chance for Unicode tags finally working properly?
doomscarab Mar 15, 2014 @ 7:41pm 
The leader boards are a little off- it regular ship up to Dragon are just aesthetic then the leader boards should be the same. I don't want to have to change to regular every time I want to see my elite ranking.

Love your game though, it's like my #1 de-stresser!
The_Scarlet_Dragon Mar 15, 2014 @ 12:28pm 
So glad the DLS will be soon!

But I have a problem. I unlock Gold ship with cards, but after updating it's don't enable now.
I hope it's will fixed later)
Mastercat Mar 15, 2014 @ 1:57am 
C'maan c'maan c'maan...!
I've never really been excited when some of my games gets DLC, but That Shadow Stuff (as I nicknamed it) have changed that. But in other hand I don't usually get so obsessed with any game ~

Also... is it just my imagination, or did the 'playing area' get smaller?
Pactoxa Mar 15, 2014 @ 1:08am 
Can't wait for the DLC
Thanks again for still support the game
Spino Prime Mar 14, 2014 @ 8:25pm 
Can't wait for the DLC. Looking forward to more Beat Hazard content to blast my way through.