Shadow Mission Completion Criteria

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Jar of Jam May 5 @ 9:18am 
On the subject of all things Shadow DLC, new achievements are earnable only with the DLC ?
brzezin1997 Apr 28 @ 12:05pm 
best :D
iamKelly Apr 24 @ 3:31pm 
Good to know, thanks!
bean{,s} Apr 19 @ 6:59pm 
@_Randi_ That makes it rough in Suicidal. I'll just crank back the difficulty when I need to, I guess. Thanks.
_Randi_ Apr 19 @ 2:21pm 
@beansmyname: YES
bean{,s} Apr 19 @ 12:14pm 
To clarify: Complete 'x' tracks on 'y' difficulty == Complete 'x' tracks on 'y' difficulty without dying, correct?
brunoferreira Apr 18 @ 6:36am 
dlc is awesome but please add some options in the auto aim mode, things like: attack enemies in this order, attack always the closest...
Jedo Apr 18 @ 4:19am 
Thanks for posting this. Really helpful.