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Recently, my mother passed away, and when I finally was able to settle her affairs, my wife's father passed away suddenly, causing us to once again drop what we were doing and settle the family's affairs. After getting back, comes E3, and a giant pile of contracts, emails and other stuff that sucked the time and life out of me.

It's all behind us now. Soooooooo... I'm doing a Perforce get, building and coding and wrapping up the few remaining bugs left in BattleChess: Game of Kings, so we can move this game from Early Access to full release!

Thank you, everyone, who has pre-purchased the game and helped me through your bug reports to help polish this game to a level of quality you'd expect from Olde Sküül and my old company, Interplay Productions!

Rebecca Heineman
One frazzed coder

PS. Tell your friends to buy the game and slip some burgers under the slot in my office door. Yum!
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