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Welcome to AirMech! You'll often find people in Group Chat if you need help, and we also post annoucements when there are special events like Double XP or Drops.

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We've got another big update for you this week. A huge batch of new content is on the way, so we need to get some of these changes out there for testing before the big reveal next month. A good portion of this patch will also be aimed at improving the new player experience.

We've renamed many of our game modes this patch. Skirmish is now Versus, while Survival mode will now be known as Warzone. Feedback on the forums generally agreed that Ranked and Unranked were misleading names, so we've renamed those to Skills and Unlimited respectively. The descriptions for all of these queues have been updated as well.

Your feedback on the forums is always important to us, even when we don't respond right away. Since so many of you have asked for it, we've added a setting in General -> Gameplay for "Deploy Arm Enabled". This will be on by default, since it's intended for advanced users rather than new players. You can change this setting at any time, even during a multiplayer match. Turning the deploy arm off will prevent your units from being automatically deployed. They'll be stored in the structure they were built at and can be picked up by AirMechs above the structure. This brings back a popular strategy of hiding units in queue, but it can be countered by neutralizing the outpost they're queued at.

General Updates:
  • added an option to disable the deploy arm and manually pick up units from structures
  • renamed some game modes and updated Play menu with new tooltips
  • added Iron Hand dialog to existing Warzone maps
  • added difficulty settings with reward modifiers to Warzone
  • added title system for Leaderboard champions
  • improved Heal Nova animation for Osprey
  • default to Weekly instead of Factions when opening the Leaderboards UI
  • moved the Quests button to the bottom of the main menu
  • renamed Skills tab to Blueprints
  • renamed Promos button to News
  • tweaks to the endgame victory medal
  • added some variation to Striker sword audio
  • set a limit for credit cap messages to reduce spam
  • added pilot icons for in-game messages
  • added icons for trials in the pregame lobby

Bug Fixes:
  • fixes for AirMech animation bugs
  • fix for the Link command on units with a deploy animation delay
  • fix for melee units not attacking enemy fortress when no capture targets are available
  • fixed a bug with flier separation not applying to neutral units
  • fix for shadow rendering when zooming in
  • fixed some issues with shadow rendering on oversized props
  • fixed a bug that allowed the AI to build Void units
  • fix for showing Quests button when not on the main menu
  • fixed an issue where an abducted Bot Spawner would produce a creep while on an enemy socket
  • fixed item icons not showing on Market purchase dialog
  • fix for automatically terminating units in Warzone
  • fixed alignment of promos when launched from the News button
  • fixed picking up CTF cores over the fortress
  • fixed an issue with pickup indicator not displaying for CTF cores

Map Editor Updates/Fixes:
  • maps will now save automatically in the event of a disconnect, use recoverLast to reload
  • added radio buttons for Edging, Elevation, and Paint Mat buttons
  • rearranged the terrain panel
  • add credit value for Safebox and Vaultbox when pre-placed
  • fixed broken Combos menu
  • fix for Roller not unlatching when spawned from an elevator
  • fixed an issue where editing the position field would not correctly move a game location
  • fix for skybox selection overwriting pregame timer
  • fix for game messages being displayed while editing
  • fix for neutral Necro reviving units
  • fix for scripted game messages not appearing in player-made maps

Balance Changes:
  • Seeker HP decreased from 1250 to 950
  • Striker guns piercing increased from 55 to 60
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