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Welcome to AirMech! You'll often find people in Group Chat if you need help, and we also post annoucements when there are special events like Double XP or Drops.

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This is the 5th update to AirMech Strike since the huge reboot so we wanted to post this to the Steam news channel. Latest Patchnotes are always available ingame, and we'll consolidate them here when there is a good amount of new things or fixes. (scroll to the bottom for a bullet list of noteable changes)


After the initial work on Matchmaking and Custom rooms, then next most frequently asked for feature was the Shop. When we redid the menus, we figured one of the last things we'd need to add was the Shop. Most units and AirMech skins and customizations can be unlocked from the various setup panels, so you can preview things and then unlock them. We're keeping that in case you want to preview things, but we've also added a more traditional Shop layout to the menus.

Region Selection

Another significant new feature is the ability to include or exclude server regions, in addition to the automatic disabling of ones too far away. We'll automatically set a home region for you and select some of the areas we think will work best, but sometimes players are better at choosing where they play. For now there is a button in the Play menu called "Server Locations" where you can enable or disable regions. Green is on, Gray is off but available to be turned on, and red means it is too far away for automatic matching. Custom games are still possible however.

There have been fixes to the rendering selection to try and keep the new advanced post-process from enabling on lower spec machines including those with integrated graphics like laptops. Plus now when you select a lower than native resolution, the scaling will be smoother and look better. Definitely leave feedback if you are having any graphics problems, and include your settings and hardware if you know it.

Core Gameplay

Having units Follow you is a really cool addition to the game. Additionally, we added a way to tell units in Follow mode to go to a specific location. You'll see 3 options when units are Following--stop where you are, come to me and then stop, or go to where I click. This will also be added to gamepad with a new control mode soon.

If you haven't played AirMech Strike yet, there are many many other changes. Much of it is documented in the new ingame HUD through Tooltips and hotkeys hints (useful to turn those on in Settings). Gameplay is more in line with faster paced classic AirMech, with dynamic build queues that are not fixed to specific outposts.

New to Strike is the option to change out your Units during the game. Along with an increased build queue (8) and new Orders for your units. We're continuing to streamline the gameplay with everything focused on great 2v2 PvP gameplay.

Competitive Play

Season Zero is active and Ranking is live. This is just a test season and it won't last very long, just while we see how it is working and figure out where the tiers will settle.

Overall everyone has been super supportive, helping us identify the most critical things to fix or replace, leading to so many updates over the past week and a half. For players who weren't aware of the changes coming it was a bit confusing, but Wastelands is coming very shortly and with that everything should start to make sense again. We will of course announce it here when Wastelands access is starting to be available. It will be triggered from within AirMech Strike--more info on that soon.

Known Issues
  • Gamepad support incomplete, but coming
  • Unit setup in lobby is janky, preferrably setup units in pregame for now (being redone)
  • Spectator UI has overlayed menu (will be fixed shortly)
  • Anything missing will be available in Wastelands soon
  • Shop added
  • Simple tutorial/guided match for first time players (easy to skip)
  • Server region selection
  • Reduce Warthog's close range damage bonus
  • Rendering changes/improvements
  • Lobby menu restructure (ongoing)
  • Enter should toggle ingame chat properly
  • Fixed heads/hats not showing up on Bomber
  • Following units can be given more specific orders
  • Fortress income given a balance pass (was too high)
  • Improve target selection to prefer mechs over outposts
  • Muting should work better (was not working on names with spaces in them)
  • Mute players directly from info cards in a match (hover their mech at the top)
  • Black screen at endgame bug has been fixed
  • Teamcolor support for DeepSea Osprey
  • Improve AirMech flying and hover sounds
  • Improve Rank and XP circle progress at endgame screen
  • Update spectator UI to use new dynamic minimap (fixes missing minimaps)
  • Inviting players from their lobby player card should work right now
  • Fallbacks for various bad lobby states
  • Hopefully fix "invalid_sku" error condition
  • Saucer armor increased to 80
  • Quest updates as makes sense for Strike
  • Fixed player name not always showing in endgame screen
  • Can now invite players from Matchmaking menu
  • Custom rooms can be set to private, not browseable (you need to invite everyone)
  • Rings around player slots to help visualize size/team in lobby (temp visuals)
  • Show mailbox if you have a waiting message, even if not VIP
  • Add "power" button in menus to exit without digging in settings
  • Testing lighting changes in lobby, player selectable
  • Fixes to prevent units being dropped in salt piles on Salt
  • Make AirMechs do more cool stuff when they die in the air
  • Fix invisible enemies in lobby in Explore
  • Allow Explore during more states of ready-ness
  • More AirMech variant sounds added
  • Graphics option to disable glow effect, should help slower computers with integrated graphics
  • Change UI selection zones for units in Lobby to be more reliable
  • Disable gamepad binding to switch to "console" UI since it breaks everything
  • Adjust camera slightly up for Wreckz
  • Double-pressing E no longer deploys all pending units
  • Improved endgame sound effects
  • Hide game options that don't make sense when Spectating
  • Potential fix for sometimes getting the main menu while playing a game
  • New "Follow" Order tells units to follow your AirMech
  • Auto-repair removed, Repair mode now on Q key
  • Swap units ingame, Right
  • click to choose/swap, or Tab and drag
  • Generators reboot, can heal/fuel mechs on/off Sockets!
  • Leveler renamed Whoper, increases Upkeep limit
  • Parts are not used (used in Wastelands instead)
  • Pilots and Items also not used in Strike
  • Season 0 started, new Rank Points system
  • New Lobby design, fully 3D
  • New Menus, press Esc to toggle in/out
  • New Ingame HUD
  • New Storm and Biohazard adapted from player created maps
  • New Practice mode to battle all classic pilots in order of difficulty

One final thing to note, is that if you are a Silver VIP and did not recieve your Ancient Skull head (seen in the header image of this post) please let us know. We used this to initialy test the qualification for Wastelands access, and it didn't work as expected--but that's a good thing because it helped us fix the system to located these players. If you didn't get one, be sure to let us know either using the ingame bug report or just ask in chat if you see any devs around.

It's a busy week so we're getting right back to work!

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