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Welcome to AirMech! You'll often find people in Group Chat if you need help, and we also post annoucements when there are special events like Double XP or Drops.

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New Lobby Unit UI

The temporary UI we had for selecting what units went in your loadouts was pretty bad. Non-standard units were not selectable, which loadout you were editing wasn't clear and many people were having problems with it. We've started in a rework for this and already it is much better. Clicking units will bring up their stats, which is not ideal--we want to have stats displayed for selected units in the same window. You currently have to drag units from the unit panel over to the 3D units in the world. This is not how we intend the final design to work, but it works best that way at this stage. More improvements coming!

Improved Deploy and Unit Control

We have some neat new gameplay features in this patch we are testing. The need to be near an outpost to deploy things started to feel frustrating to us, because we want to get lots of units out and keep the action going and it currently slows you down. So we increased the range for Deploy--to include the entire map! The E key will deploy units from the nearest owned structure. And we added a button near the completed units.

What's this switch on the button? It's very interesting's a toggle that changes "Deploy and wait at this Outpost" to "Deploy and move to my mech location" (but not follow me). I would definitely call this feature experimental because it feels like a lot of fun to use, but we haven't really considered how it could be used for good or bad in multiplayer. We're looking for feedback from players on this feature. If the community thinks it's good then it stays--tell us what you think!

The sub-orders for Following units are also getting improvements. The "move to where I click" sub-order now has a preview line showing the path units will take to get somewhere. And units should try to stay ahead of your AirMech, so you can push with them a lot easier. These systems are being tweaked as we play with them to try and make the units do what you expect them to.

Wastelands update: soon! I'd say an exact date if I have one. I had to filter out many Wastelands specific changes to isolate the Strike patchnotes! :)

  • Lobby Unit Loadouts rework (still a few bugs, but much better)
  • Increase Deploy (E) range to infinite
  • Deploy defaults to nearest Outpost
  • Toggle button to Deploy and move to mech (experimental)
  • Testing DX11 support, /dx11 command line option for the brave
  • Fix BlackOps Angel fire points
  • Add path line when giving "move to cursor" order
  • Fix overlayed menu in Spectator mode
  • Initial Teamcolor selection voting (in progress)
  • Fixed a bug where non-VIPs had access to Sandbox mode
Known Issues
  • Paladin's ultimate cannot be activated
  • Muting preferences sometimes get reset somewhat randomly. We are looking for more info on how to reproduce this problem reliably so we can fix it.
  • Bots in Custom games is not yet implemented
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