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Welcome to AirMech! You'll often find people in Group Chat if you need help, and we also post annoucements when there are special events like Double XP or Drops.

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Wondering what to do with all those Chips? You can craft PvP rewards! There will be more coming, as well as PvE rewards, but the first test is to make the Cardinal Bird and make sure everything is working as intended.

The tricky thing to get to craft the Cardinal Bird is actually the Red Paint--you need to have the PvP badge awarded to the top PvP players to even purchase it, similar to how the high level Dice pets work. So you can make progress toward crafting PvP items slow or fast since the top 25 players get Chips, but you'll need to reach the top 5 to get the badge and purchase your paint--at least that's the plan. Be sure to let us know of bugs with it!

More changes have been handed down from the Council, so anyone looking for those artillery tweaks you'll be happy.

General Updates:
- Special badge for top ranked PvP and PvE players each week (resets weekly)
- Cardinal Bird now craftable (Bird Frame, 5x Chip, Red Paint)
- Red Paint now available to those with PvP leaderboard badge!
- Player Market level restriction set to 50 for non-VIPs
- drop rates increased for all players
- AI difficulty levels must be unlocked via pilot quests
- add snow effect to Nesthorn
- add dust effect to Dust

Bug Fixes:
- fixed missing strings on Toy Sled
- fixed name alignment in-game
- fixed a bug with difficulty selection in multiplayer games
- fixed a couple of desync bugs
- disabled votekick in ranked/unranked PvP

Balance Changes:
- Auto-Deploy has a 4 second cooldown now
- Hero move speed increased from 5 to 10
- Hero build time decreased from 10 to 6.5
- SkyEye no longer appears on enemy radar
- Arty blast falloff radius decreased from 2.5 - 7 to 1.5 - 6
- Archy blast falloff radius increased from 1.5 - 3.5 to 2 - 3.5
- Arty shot damage decreased from 130 to 100
- Archy shot damage decreased from 130 to 100
- Bertha kinetic damage decreased from 200 to 180
- Bertha shot damage decreased from 225 to 202
- Joker movement speed increased from 7 to 8
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