Next Vote starts now! Warframe Head or Pet if we win!

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eddmario Mar 29 @ 7:16pm 
aaand we're at half the votes they have...
PartyCow Mar 28 @ 12:34pm 
we are winning! I would love to see the pet :3 I saw it in the prime time episode and it looks awesome
Kevink214 Mar 27 @ 5:03pm 
Were losing!
[JRTX] k2trf Mar 27 @ 12:31pm 
Quite honestly, I don't think we'll be able to push over Warframe simply because of the sheer number of people that know about that game but not AirMech. That said, the fact that we're still hanging at 30~40% is impressive -- there's clearly way more AirMech players than I realized!
TubbyMonster Mar 27 @ 8:59am 
@TOTALFILM I wouldn't have known about this unless they posted this, and also warframe isn't giving out stuff for freeeeeeeeeeeee!
Korra™ Mar 27 @ 7:34am 
Unless something happend Airmech will not win this one, But Second isn't too bad of a place to get in one of these things.
TOTALFILM Mar 27 @ 5:42am 
Sorry guys, Warframe better, then you.
And, also, they didn't ask to vote. up for Warframe, just cause you ask to vote for you.
TOTALFILM Mar 27 @ 5:38am 
Sadly, Airmech does not have enough players to outvote Digital Extremes' WarFrame as proven by the poll itself. :S
TubbyMonster Mar 26 @ 6:55pm 
lets do it airmech community! a head would be better