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Welcome to AirMech! You'll often find people in Group Chat if you need help, and we also post annoucements when there are special events like Double XP or Drops.

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Another update! First thing you will notice is a new welcome screen with messages of the day and a quick link to patchnotes:

Last night we pushed AirMech Strike Update #252, Build 69114. The new holiday packs/bundles are also live, and the full Christmas event will be on momentarily. Nicholai has arrived and is regularly gifting players in chat with random rolls. A few more surprises are coming very soon...

The next set of changes for loadouts are in and we are getting close to having this done. Now you can use Tab to cycle loadouts (which you setup in the lobby) instantly. You currently cycle through all of your loadouts, but we will be restricting this to 2 or 3 loadouts which you will choose during the pregame. Currently you can still right-click units on the UI to make individual swaps, but this is just meant as a fallback if there are bugs with Tab. You should arrange your loadouts and name them accordingly so that swapping during the match is what you expect. One loadout could be for early game, one for guardians and ordanance, another for late game pushing. Get creative, and give us feedback on how this feels for competitive play.

About those new bundles! We have a ton of Christmas content, and wanted to combine that with Diamonds and Keys to offer some super values just during the holiday season. These will only be around for a short while, going away just after Christmas. Be sure to take a look at what they contain because the value really adds up for these. They have the same Diamonds as you'd get from a normal bundle, but with bonus Keys and lots of rare holiday pets, heads, and other cosmetics.

We're still on track to close out the year exiting Early Access and launching Season 1 of AirMech Strike! Join us in chat for lots of giveaways and fun.

General Updates:
  • New Welcome screen on startup
  • Tab instantly switches loadouts ingame
  • Alternates now save in loadouts properly
  • 3 Special Holiday Bundles added
  • Do Not Disturb button moved to be easier to access
  • Mic defaults to push to talk on new accounts (there is a game setting for this)
  • Move mic status button so you can click on it easier to mute
  • Gold VIP status now active for anyone with $50 USD (localized) lifetime spend
Bug Fixes:
  • various desync and crash fixes
  • Gold VIP auto-rolling should be fixed
  • fix camera behavior at end of Salt matches

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