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Welcome to A.V.A!

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Hide and Seek now available in Quick Match!

Map Pool
ShowDown, SlimFox, E-boat, Barricade, Breakout


Destroy your ennemies with the brand new collection of exclusive Fortune Stars weapons!

Get these Absolute Machines with extra ammos and unleash hell on the Battlefield!


What is Fortune Stars?

Fortune Stars is a new selection of weapons available in the Fortune Stars section in-game!
Fortune Stars guarantees a win with every play, and that every win will be a beautiful weapon that simply cannot be found anywhere else!

Weapons available in Fortune Stars:


  • M16A4 Absolute Machine
  • MP5K Liquid Machine
  • AR-57 Fighting Machine
  • GalilMAR Future Machine
  • AK-74M War Machine
  • AK-47 Human Fighter
  • L96A1 Human Warrior
  • R93 Old Machine
  • SVD Violet Machine



Bonus items

Spin the Fortune Stars 2 times and get the M18 Living Machine as a bonus!


Spin the Fortune Stars 3 times and transform your character into Marek Cyborg!


Spin the Fortune Stars 6 times and get yourself the Liquid Blade!


Spin 9 times and claim all the weapons, including the amazing Mauser C96 Human Leader!
That's 12 permanent weapons and an exclusive character in only 9 spins!


Also, please know that some Special Tiered Spenders will also be available!
Stay tuned for more information! 

Of course, you can also redeem free items in the Monthly Loyalty Program[]!


How does it work?
  • Log into AVA
  • Head to the Fortune Stars section
  • Spin and win!


Why play?

Fortune Stars weapons are completely unique. 
These gorgeous designs will never be available anywhere else so this is your only time to grab them! 
Weapon also have more ammunitions than their normal counterparts!


How much does it cost?

Each spin is 2499AP and wins you an exclusive permanent weapon. 


Fortune Stars
Start: December 8th 2015

More to come!

Full Patch Notes will be available Friday December 5th!
Stay tuned fore more information!

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