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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Alliance of Valiant Arms Official Group.
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Welcome to A.V.A!

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Dear A.V.A soldiers,

Lot of new exciting content for you this month!
Check our patch notes below!

Permanent weapons are back!

The long awaited Permanent Weapons are back in the store for in-game euros!
Ranging from 15 000 euros to 70 000 euros, find the perfect weapon to match your playstyle from the 90 permanent weapons currently available (more to come in future updates).

3 New Boxes available in the Capsule store

Blaster Box
The best of the best is available for 999AP!
Possible Prizes: Corvus III Blaster[] (perm), X-plorer Blaster[] (perm), Firebird Blaster[] (perm)
PPsH Dao (perm), FR-F2 Sumire (perm), ASW.338 Jornungand (perm), Kriss Houou (perm), Arisaka (perm), M40A5 White Tiger (perm), Hot Roader12 (perm) or 10 Red Tickets

Famas Felin Box
Try your luck and you could win the exclusive Famas Felin for only 200AP!
Possible Prizes: Famas Felin[] (perm) or 1 Red Ticket

Uchigatana Box
From feudal Japan comes the Uchigatana, the Samurai's striking blade of choice for only 5 Red Tickets!
Possible Prizes: Uchigatana[] 1 Day, 7 Days or Permanent

New items available in store

R4 Chester[] (perm) available for 200 Red Tickets

XM2010 ESR[] (perm) available for 58 000 euros

M18 Smoke gray III available for 1 900 euros (7Days), 2 900 euros (15Days) and 4 900 euros (30Days)

M18 Smoke gray II (left) vs M18 Smoke gray III (right)

In-game changes

Changes for new players
Initial amount of euros has been increased from 30 000 euros to 50 000 euros
Tutorial rewards have been changed: 10 000 euros / 10 000 euros / 10 000 euros + Exp+100% (7days)
New rewards for each day of gameplay for new players (see below)

New rewards for each day of gameplay for returning players (see below)

Note: Returning players are users inactive for 28 days

Other changes
The Thor box has been removed from the Capsule store
The Folding Knife box has been removed from the Capsule store

Known issue
Death Valley
Death Valley is currently impossible to perform as too many enemies will spawn during the first seconds of the map. We are aware of this issue and it will be patched in the upcoming content update.
M4A1 Asa Thor
We are aware of a missing lightning animation on the M4A1 Asa Thor. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming content update.

Hope you have fun!
Your A.V.A Team


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