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When Captain James T. Kirk took the Enterprise out, it was originally scheduled for a five-year mission, so five years has a pretty big significance in Star Trek lore. Seeing Star Trek Online mark a date of five years of live operations is a cause for celebration unlike any other year, and this anniversary we are pulling out all the stops.

We’re kicking off the celebrations early for Star Trek Online’s 5-year Anniversary! We’ve had an amazing year and want to thank all of you for making Delta Rising and Star Trek Online a great experience! Every day from Monday 1/26 at 10am till Thursday 1/29 at 10am we’ll be giving away new C-Store items for Captains to enjoy! Every 24 hours, we’ll be giving out a different item (or even multiple), so be sure to grab these up! You can get the updated details on the daily giveaway here![]

Also, from now through 2/2/2015 at 10am PST, you can enjoy a 15% discount on Master Keys in the C-Store. With our Lockbox Drop Event going on, now is the best time for Captains to load up on keys and grab those ships you have been wanting.

Finally, our Anniversary Season and Event begins on Thursday 1/29! This year, we’ve got two additions to the Anniversary content that will run from January 29th through February 26th of 2015. The first of which is a new Featured Episode called “Dust to Dust,” and the second is a new minigame where Q has tasked you with stabilizing Omega Particles across the galaxy in an effort to secure the keys to the new Kobali Samsar Cruiser Starship as well as craft some upgrade kits in the process. Get some initial details here![]

It is a big time of the year for Star Trek Online. Come and join the celebrations!
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