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Even though we've mostly moved on to other projects, we're still going to go back and tweak and fix The Dream Machine whenever we feel like it. That's just how we roll. None of this months changes introduces anything new, but even though they're all fairly minor tweaks they all add up in the fullness of time.

We're keeping our other projects under wraps for now, but expect more announcements in the not too distant future.

Anyway, here's the contents of the latest patch:

• Game: Tweaked UI
• Chapter 3 & 6: Fixed bottom bunk bug in cabin 2
• Chapter 5: Edited the pumpkin dialogue
• Chapter 6: Tweaked sound design
• Chapter 6: Removed kitchen interactions
• Chapter 6: Tweaked fishing Victor dialogue
• Chapter 6: Tweaked crib Victor dialogue
• Chapter 6: Added interactions
• Chapter 6: Tweaked interactions
• Chapter 6: Improved lake performance
• Demo: Updated demo

Don't be shy if you see something strange or buggy in the game.


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