Steam Greenlight

No Time To Explain is now Available

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C R Y S I S 2013年1月28日下午1:23 
Austral 2013年1月27日下午3:20 
Not buying it, waiting for mac : (
raptorsaurus 2013年1月27日下午3:17 
About time we got this! I can't wait to hear my future self express regret over pirating Roller Coaster Tycoon.
Tazy 2013年1月26日下午11:43 
Wheres Linux and Mac versions? And when do we get the Fix for those.
Mistheart 2013年1月26日上午6:41 
There is a free version of the game, but the one that was released is much longer, with more gameplay.
H. Harpoon 2013年1月25日下午9:30 
"yes finally this game came out can't wait to play it"

so... this is was a flash game... its free, right now.... just google it.... This pretty well sums up whats wrong with the greenlight program..
carl 2013年1月25日下午5:26 
thank you, Chet
Saturn500 2013年1月25日下午5:25 
"gameplay that becomes more ridiculous as you go." The most ridiculous part of the gameplay is how, despite a ton of bugs having apparently been fixed since the initial release, it's still horribly buggy.
borsdy 2013年1月25日下午1:01 
maybe this greenlight program isnt so bad afterall
mxT3 (mxtomek) 2013年1月25日下午12:53 
thats great :)