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IGF Finalists Get Greenlight

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Propa 2013. jan. 25. @ de. 10:48 
Blackmill08 2013. jan. 14. @ du. 9:25 
Dawn of Fantasy is coming
Ciirghoulean 2013. jan. 12. @ du. 7:11 
Yes! I've been waiting for Incredipede for a while now!
_discovery 2013. jan. 12. @ du. 4:09 
Both incredibly great games. Play them right now (available on the game website already!!)
bogdan_galati09 2013. jan. 12. @ du. 1:38 
Help this game gets Greenlighted.
MelVin 2013. jan. 12. @ de. 5:39 
Congrats to them
Dwarden 2013. jan. 12. @ de. 2:46 
would be great if more of previous IGF finalist got the chances too :)
Resolute 2013. jan. 11. @ du. 9:34 
I don't know why people are saying that steam overlooks these games or that it somehow devalues the greenlight process.

Of the other IGF finalists:
Starforge had already been greenlit by the community

FTL, Little Inferno, Miami Hotline, Intrusion 2, Thirty Flights of Loving, & Super Hexagon have already been released by Steam.

Pixeljunk 4am I assume is a followup to Pixeljunk Eden which was already released by Steam about 10 months ago.

So only 18 of the IGF finalists are 'bypassing greenlight / steam'
Solodric 2013. jan. 11. @ du. 3:40 
That fact makes investing $100 to post games on greenlight seem far riskier.
Persona non grata 2013. jan. 11. @ de. 3:31 
Congrats guys!
@ vai90
[So if there's a game that a ton of people voted on but Valve think it would be bad to have it on Steam, it won't make it.]
Faceless is a great example of this.