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Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition Now Available

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12 opmerkingen
WolfMan 5 dec 2012 om 11:54vm 
nice game but where is the German subtitles? in the steam shop page is the German subtitles should be present...
Insane 5 dec 2012 om 1:17vm 
Enjoyed every sec from start to finnish. i'm waiting for the next game you make.
skidpro 4 dec 2012 om 10:42vm 
it will not run well within specs
FuKuy 4 dec 2012 om 12:01vm 
STEAMworks integration should be mandatory for every Greenlighted game. That's one of the reasons to buy a game on STEAM, right?
©ScorP™®☭ 3 dec 2012 om 10:19nm 
good game. copy of resident evil.
Zorlac 3 dec 2012 om 5:52nm 
Why people play is their own personal reason. For you to judge why someone else is playing or not playing a video game is the only sad thing here.
Keonyn ♣ 3 dec 2012 om 4:03nm 
Seriously? Passing on a game because there's no achievements? If that's what is important to you then that's rather sad.
epic. Driv3n``. 3 dec 2012 om 1:56nm 
No achievement......... pass !
RAMIONET 3 dec 2012 om 10:25vm 
Please release Sang-Froid : Tales of Werewolves!
Geckon 3 dec 2012 om 10:16vm 
Finally, I waited for her