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Third Set of Games, First Greenlight Software Titles Revealed

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Parody Games 16 Δεκ 2012 στις 3:22μμ 
@Valve - When will the next batch get in?
Morgan from Epiphany 3 Δεκ 2012 στις 1:31μμ Please vote for Frozen Hearth, our players like out game you can see on our forums and I think its a game that many Steam users will like.
easynote [PT] 3 Δεκ 2012 στις 10:09πμ 
ETS2... Nice :D
talbot90 3 Δεκ 2012 στις 7:26πμ 
trigunner41 2 Δεκ 2012 στις 7:23μμ 
@Resolute So your argument is that the game is bad and that is why it isn't being greenlit? And how did these millions of voters decide that La-Mulana is bad? Are you telling me then that these are people who bought it elsewhere and then decided it was bad? Then how do you explain the OVERWHELMINGLY positive comments on the page with very few negative comments?

As people have said it is only missing because it is an obscure title that also launched at a bad time. Putting the game out on other services right before greenlight probably didn't help much.

There are so many games like Yogventures which is barely even a serviceable concept at this point which made it through the service. This is not because it is "good" as there is no way to make that distinction with an undeveloped game. It is just because it had a popular site behind it.
FutureGameDev 2 Δεκ 2012 στις 7:24πμ 
I'd still like them to put the progress bar back so we know if it's going to get greenlit.
C0untzer0 2 Δεκ 2012 στις 7:05πμ 
hey guys, thanks for persuading me to switch votes on La Mulana...
41Bn.COO.VonWolv 2 Δεκ 2012 στις 4:41πμ 
Would be nice to get Mafia 2 mp moved up on the list, and then added to my gaming library, let alone anyone else that wants it. thanks
mganai 1 Δεκ 2012 στις 10:22πμ 
@Resolute: I didn't mean that you had bad taste in general, just that that was IMO a particular case of dissonance.

Besides, you seem to be stuck on the idea that La-Mulana may not be "all that" just because of how it looks. I've played it several times already, and it's as good, if not better, than many other more widely available DD, not to mention retail games out there. It already has a Metacritic score of 82 (87 for the Wii version), which is excellent for a game of its high challenge level.

Me? I tend to vote for games I think deserve to be on the service, not just what I would like to see.

And @unpronounceable, I'm all for sharing the happiness, but surely there are standards out there for what games deserve more consideration, including ones that have been on much longer/need more exposure/fill in more niches/etc.