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Waking Mars Now on Steam

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9 σχόλια
-=]-[@ck=- 23 Δεκ 2012 στις 1:11πμ 
Графа сред.
§Rat§AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA 19 Δεκ 2012 στις 11:40πμ 
:D! IM TRYING IT, After i post comments to everyone of my friends.
Eurymachos 14 Δεκ 2012 στις 2:02μμ 
This is a fun little game. I played it all the way through on my Mac with a PS3 hand controller.
Paulo Morbeck 13 Δεκ 2012 στις 7:15μμ 
IIRC HiB for Android #4
trekeyus 13 Δεκ 2012 στις 6:10μμ 
woot woot it's finally on steam. got it in the humble bundle.
Starscre4M 13 Δεκ 2012 στις 4:06μμ 
Rabbidking 13 Δεκ 2012 στις 3:45μμ 
Yes! Free Steam key, here I come!! Thanks, Humble Bundle =D
Drachen ♥ ソナ 13 Δεκ 2012 στις 3:25μμ 
At first I read it as Making Wars.. haha.
Getterac7 13 Δεκ 2012 στις 3:25μμ 
Congrats, devs!