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Get ready for a musical experience like no other! TopWare Interactive invites you to take a journey into the Two Worlds Universe with the release of the Original Soundtracks that have fueled fan’s adventures in Antaloor for over 7 years.
The release includes the OST for Two Worlds, Two Worlds II and Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress. With a total playtime of over two hours, relive the idyllic moments, brutal battles and scenic wonder of the Two Worlds series. As a bonus, TopWare Interactive is also releasing the Digital Deluxe Content Pack for Two Worlds II, which includes: the TWII Artbook, TWII Compendium and theTWII Novels, in addition to several maps, avatars and bonus Items for TWII. Both the Soundtracks and the Digital Deluxe Content Pack are inclusive to the Two Worlds II Season Pass.
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