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Hi all,
Pride of Nations has been updated!

Check the entire changelog below

Pride of Nations 1.04.5 Changelog
Extra fixes on events chains:
- US Civil war. Is now a normal occuring event from early 1861. Has a 10% per turn, so retains some variability.
- Indian Mutiny. Fixed some conditions on province ownerships and is now working as expected. India will be fully British if the mutiny is crushed.
- Crimean War: simplified and fixed the potential AI/human controlled variables and diplomacy opening moves. We now have a very likely Russo-Turkish war, if France &/or GB are human they get a CB, if AI they get bounced into a war. Italian, Austrian and peace parts are all as before.

- 1880 campaign had spheres of influence restored
- fixed several missing strings
- you need Imperialism 4 to DOW
- That, for a given resource, all countries selling it, are selected at once in the trade interface is deemed normal. The original design was never to buy to a specific country.

- 1850 GC gets many extra fixes, courtesy of Siegfroh
- Added back many missing files (thanks Prussia). Not all as some are not needed. Please report if you believe a file is missing AND necessary.
- A ruler can now only declare war if he has an Imperialism of 7. This will severally limit the AI widespread warsImprovement in how the diplomacy entries are displayed in the diplo panel.

- static/garrisons units get back replacements as normal
- flags fixed on the diplomacy screen
- you can't interact with nations tagged as 'non formed nations', i.e w/o territories
- AI should not DOW such nations either (please report with backup folder if you see a DOW
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