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IMPORTANT: For the moment Version 1.05.1 is available through the Beta tab (versions 1.02, 1.03 and 1.05 can be found there too) while 1.04 is still the default version (this will be changed later).

Hello everyone,

Thanks to your reports in the Paradox forum after the release of Patch 1.05 we were able to identify two issues introduced by the patch:
  1. Fixed air and naval units mission cancellation on auto-retreat from combat – 1.05 bug
  2. Fixed issues with wrong over command penalty applied in some situations, like when unit on Anti-partisan mission attacks partisans and gets the penalty once it arrives to the rebellious province - 1.05 bug

As you can see, both issues could be game breakers or very irritating at least, so we decided to release an EXE only patch, aimed at addressing those.

To install patch 1.5.1 you need to select it in the Beta tab of the properties of the game. Version 1.5.1 is compatible with savegames from 1.5.

Checksums should remain unchanged from 1.05:
KVZZ - Darkest Hour Full
TENE - Darkest Hour Light
LNIC - No mods (Darkest Hour Core)
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