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IMPORTANT: Savegames of patch 1.03 are not compatible with patch 1.04. Savegames of patch 1.04 beta are partially compatible with patch 1.04 (a new game start is always recommended).
IMPORTANT: As a general rule (with few exceptions) mods for patch 1.03 do NOT work with patch 1.04. Mods for patch 1.04RC1 need only a simple update to work with patch 1.04 and are mostly compatible.

Patch 1.04 is now finally ready to be officially published!

Very short list of changes (compared to patch 1.04 beta):
- many ministers and cabinet fixes, for every scenario (thanks to our contributors for their help);
- removed fixed event picture height on styles 1 and 2 to allow pictures of any height to be used on events;
- removed fixed event header height on style 2 to allow headers of any height to be used on events;
- added retreat arrow to counters to be used instead of moving arrow for retreating units;
- suppressed repair of buildings and resources in provinces with active land combats;
- many fixes and improvements to Japanese Northern Strike path in 1933 scenario;
- corrected effects of SOV event "Great Patriotic War" (no more free units on normal difficulty);
- corrected effects of FRA event "What colonies for Free France?";
- improved event "Vlassov defects";
- various fixed and improvements to England Surrenders events and Japanese surrender events;
- fixed many flags, counters and icons;
- a few fixed to units and technology tree;
- a few fixes to bugs and glitches in the map;

This is just a short list, read the complete changelog and everything else about this patch at the Paradox forum[].
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