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IMPORTANT: Savegames of patch 1.02 are not compatible with patch 1.03
IMPORTANT: As a general rule (with few exceptions) mods for patch 1.02 do NOT work with patch 1.03
IMPORTANT: You can revert your game version back to 1.02 which is available as a "beta" patch in the Beta tab (properties of the game)

Here's a short list of major changes (full patch notes here):

- Added 4 new scenarios:
* 1939 Invasion of Poland
* 1943 Allied Invasion of Sicily
* 1944 Allied Landing in Normandy
* 1945 Battle of the Bulge
- Added 2 new battle scenarios:
* 1904 Russo-Japanese War
* 1939 Invasion of Poland
- Added casualty trackers that shows the losses taken and inflicted by every country for each battle and over the course of the whole campaign;
- Increased maximum available tech teams from 5 to 7, increased minimum available tech teams from 1 to 2;
- Heavy cruisers now are screens and use escort attachments;
- Carriers, escort carriers and light carriers set to use capital ship attachments;
- Added Senussi Order in 1914 Scenario; completed reworked Ottoman and Soviet event chains in 1914 scenario;
- Many changes to OOBs, units, events, decisions, pictures and general bug-fixing;
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