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[Dev Talk] 2018 Development Roadmap

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Khajjopanaka Feb 14 @ 6:06pm 
Feb 13
Bless Online Development Roadmap Interview – 6 Months of Early Access, Housing in Development, R&D for Console Underway
Khajjopanaka Feb 14 @ 5:45pm 
Basically what i got from the MassivelyOP internivew was this:

Bless characters can have their own combat mode
Almost all monsters in the game can be tamed as a pet or mount
EA is going to be the soft launch
We are leaning more towards the B2P model
We wanted to take the time to get it right
Khajjopanaka Feb 14 @ 5:35pm 
@Yooperwiz You posted the same link twice. What was the other supposed to be?
Yooperwiz Feb 14 @ 6:14am 
@ Nemi: From what I've seen I think you can choose tab or full action.:steamhappy:
Nemi Feb 13 @ 8:22pm 
i really hope its full on action combat no mouse cursor tab targeting is done already
Daedalus007 Feb 13 @ 1:24pm 
Monster Hunter World (amazing)
RaiderZ relaunch (lmao)
Dauntless (insignificant; will die within the year)
RaiderZ private servers (WildRaiderZ is dying)
TERA (for the pedophiles)
Blade & Soul (for the pedophiles that dislike TERA's terrible performance for some reason)

Most will just pay to play MHW when it comes out on PC. Sane players won't deal with this shit over and over and over again. Korean games have always been trash developers making trash games for trashy people in Korea and then exporting that to other countries years-later once the home/native version has been tapped out.

This is no different.
Grinchy Feb 11 @ 12:26pm 
RaiderZ is gonna relaunch :O
Khajjopanaka Feb 11 @ 10:06am 
I'm still relatively new to gaming but I'm now seeing a trend here with all this rage about launch dates and "solid info". It's chiseling away a little more at my faith in humanity. It's really sad.
Also, and i'm not saying this is true for Neowitz, but if I were developing a game and was getting reactions from the community like this then there'd be big fat dollar signs popping out of my eyes.
I feel like this only gives them incentive to implement things like micro-transactions and such. What reason would they have to market and sell the game in a way we would all prefer if the majority of the community looks like they're falling over themselves for the game? And don't give me that line about the consequences of taking too long. I have a hard time imagining people refusing to play a game because it took too long to launch since the initial announcement. And why would they listen to the community when so much of it is asinine tears of blood?
Yooperwiz Feb 11 @ 8:56am 
@ The Deer: I never said I was holding back on games until Bless comes out. What I said was "at this point I'm starting to look for something else", meaning the game I will be playing in the future. In looking for a future game for myself I was set on Bless, but now I am starting to research other titles such as A:IR, Pantheon, Crowfall, etc. And surely I am not the only one who is looking at it like this. Anyways my point was the lack of communication, even in this 'roadmap' they didn't give us much specific detail, it was mostly just general ideas. ie: "Optimization: provide a pleasant gaming environment." <-Yep that's basically the definition of optimization. "Combat: break away from repetitive combat patterns, making combat fun and rhythmic" <- Does this mean faster combat? More skills? More action oriented? I could pull apart almost every line in this 'roadmap' but I won't. Also, as a gamer, I have come to hate the word 'SOON' as I'm sure other gamers have.