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Hi Everyone,

We are looking into all bug reports on our main thread. If you are experiencing any issues with the updates, please let us know here.

UPDATE - You can now access the old build via the "Legacy Version" launch option

Thank you all for your continued support for the Commandos series, we appreciate all the feedback we have received. We have heard all of your concerns and took them on board.

With that, we have an announcement, all of the Commandos games should now run on systems up to and including Windows 10. Significant changes have been made to the code in order to make each of the games run correctly on modern machines.

Changelog for Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Unlocalized text fixed. (spanish text when a commando dies)
  • Fix for the game going faster than it should.
  • Fixed various audio bugs in the briefings and during gameplay.
  • Save/Load bug fixed.
  • Mission tutorial bug fixed.
  • Windows 10 bug regarding DirectX 5 fixed.
  • Performance problems fixed
  • Compatibility issues with modern hardware fixed.
  • New, higher resolution settings (1280x720)
  • Minor bug fixes.

We all hope you enjoy the update, and thanks again for all of your support!
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