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Make sure to log in to receive your love-gift from us at Stunlock!

What better way to spend Valentine´s Day than playing BLC? None!
So we’re happy to run a Valentine´s Day tournament for you to enjoy!

On top of all this love we’ll also host random key give aways on twitter!
At 18:00 UTC - 19:00 UTC random keys will be tweeted, there might be some surprise tweets during the day as well, so keep an eye out!
Make sure to follow us on twitter, and try and grab them as fast as you can!

We’ve launched a new support site. So if you’re having any problems this is where you should go. We take care of all issues as soon as we can, doing multiple issues for the same problem only slow things down!

What’s going on?
There is a lot of questions going around and here is some answers to some of them.

Will you put up more servers to cover other regions?
At the moment there’s no plan for servers in other regions than what we have today. To split the community we have active EU east/west or US east/west would just make the queues horrible. Other parts of the world, we just don’t think have enough players to cover the cost of the servers or for the queue to work out.

Whats next for Bloodline Champions?
At the moment or goal is to get the servers working properly, our aim with taking over the servers was to keep the game up and running so you guys can keep enjoying it. What comes next is still unknown.

Will Team Ladders return?
The reason why we removed Team Ladders was because we didn’t want to split up the community. Opening up 3v3 and 2v2 Teams will split up the community into multiple queues again. We don’t think that this is a good idea considering where our current playerbase is at.

See you in the arena!
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