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Time for another patch! And this time it's a balance patch!
This is the first in a series of balance patches that will be applied that focuses on the balance on a few bloodlines at a time.
Discuss your thoughts about the current balance in the Steam Forum.

Twin Death (M2)
  • No longer inflicts Gradual slow on hit.
  • Now inflicts 25% Slow for 1.2s on hit.

Harvest Blood (Q)
  • No longer inflicts a minor knockback on hit.

Ferocious Strike (E)
  • Cooldown is now applied when using the second time.
  • Fixed a bug where Headhunter would not get affected by direct hit incaps triggered by Ferocious Strike (E). (When hitting Vanguard Reflect for instance)

Blitz (Space)
  • Now inflicts "Blitz Awareness" on target upon hit.
  • Blitz Awareness
    • Target is immune to Blitz knockback for 3s.

Lightning Arrow (EX M2)
  • Can no longer affect the same target twice.

Shadow Strike (M2)
  • Dark Chase
    • Quick Strike (M1) Damage increase has been reduced to 15% from 20%

Deviate (Space)
  • Shadow Blades
    • Damage increase has been reduced to 15% from 20%
    • Duration lowered to 4s from 5s

Earth Crush (F)
  • Will now get interrupted if hit by a controllable spell between jumps (Blood Grip, Intervene etc)

Nature's Companion (R)
  • Healing per second reduced to 200 from 230.
  • Damage per second reduced to 200 from 230.

Nature's Wonder (Q)
  • Damage dealt to targets in area when hit by Song of Despair (M1) reduced to 120 from 240.
  • No longer absorbs the main targets Song of Despair (M1) damage when Amplify is triggered.

Talisman of Teleportation
  • Energy cost reduced to 60 from 70.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing Bloodlines moving direction to lock in the aiming direction when interrupting a melee ability while moving.
  • Fixed a bug where medallions with cast time would always get interrupted on move, even if the 'Interrupt on move' option was disabled.

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