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This Wednesday (2015-04-29) there will be a Season Change.

Season 15 - Sun Smiling
Champions, common folk and nobility alike hold their arms up toward the shining sun to greet the sunny season. The sun inspire many with a will for battle, and all to celebrate life itself. See to it that you honour your Bloodline in the arena!

Due to the feedback we have received during the previous Season, we have decided to reset the Grades for the next Season. All users will be put at Grade 1 once the servers has opened after the Season Change.

We will also do a bit of an update for the token-system. We’ll remove the gold and bronze tokens and all you tokens will be converted into diamond tokens. With this change we’ll also add some new avatars and titles with token prices.

And finally, a Profanity Filter will be added for common profanity words. And can be disabled in the options.

Community News
Last weekend there was a 1v1 US Duel Championship. We congratulate Skywind, the first winner of the Duelist Championship! We look forward to the next round, but until then you can find the Video on Demand for this tournament at

We would like to remind you that the Crowd funding for the next Champion Summit Tournament is still on! Show your support at
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