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Thanks for helping out with testing the servers yesterday!
We had more people than we expected and it’s great to see such dedication! Feels like we’re not trying to keep the servers alive for nothing! <3

We’ve done some changes to the forum here on steam. We’ve added a community announcement forum, where you will see news about further tests, community activities et cetera. We’ve also added a test forum, where we’d like to get reports on bugs and how the servers behave while you play during the tests. And there’s now also a support forum for technical issues or problems you have with the game. Last but not least, we’ve also split up the discussion forums into general and bloodline discussion.
So make sure to swing by and make your voice heard!

Upcoming test session
Next test session will not be as long as this one, because we felt both you guys and we got pretty tired at the end.

Next test is scheduled for Friday, January 16th at 16:00 UTC to 19:00 UTC
We’d be really happy if you had a chance to show up and help out again!

All connections have been reset and since some people decided to spend more time on trying to ninja other peoples accounts rather than test, for this session we will require both email and account name to connect an account.
Please focus people, we’re testing a game here! :D

We got a lot of information on how the servers perform, especially the shop and we will do some tweaks before next test to get the best possible results.

I lost a lot of rating in the test server! Are you going to fix it!?

Nothing on the test servers are saved and will not affect your account on live. So you lost no rating, you get none of the new items you bought with your free gold and you did not get that name change. Everything on live is just as before you started testing.

I can’t play, how do I get back on live?!

If you try and enter now, this is done automatically since we’ve removed the beta. But when it’s available and you want to play on live you need to do this:
To play on live, you need to Opt out of the beta in the beta drop down list in your Bloodline Champions properties on Steam. It should look like this:

What will happen with Titan accounts?

Titan accounts will keep all their perks after the transfer, except for the 10% Funcom Points discount on prices in the shop. This is because Funcom Points has been removed and due to technical reasons with the new shop. Titan users will however get a gold coins compensation for this. Hope that’s ok. :)
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