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Hello, Trainees.

It's been a while, but we'd like to apologize first about delivering a sad news.

Asta Online has been launched and serviced since April of this year.

We have constantly attempted to provide a high-quality service, but realized that this could not last any longer.
So we had to decide to suspend the game service on 9th November 2017(Thu).

Asta Online installation is deactivated, and all the game services will be officially suspended within 1 month after this announcement.

We are sorry to tell you such bad news of game closing service all of a sudden.
For schedule of Asta's service closure, please refer to the information below.

[Service termination notice]
■ Termination date : 8th Dec(Fri), 2017
■ Detail : Service termination of ASTA Online
■ Reference
- In-game purchase has been closed at 01:00 AM(ASTA server time), 9th Nov(Thur)
and players are no longer able to purchase cash items.

[Refund notice according to service termination]
Regarding refund issues, please contact Steam customer support for detailed information.

We hope you have fun until the end, and it has been a pleasure to be with you even though the period was short.

We greatly appreciate all the trainees who have been enjoying Asta Online so far.

Thank you very much.
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