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Koitenshin May 12 @ 2:41pm 
Did I miss a memo somewhere that says Steam is now run by North Korea?
Censoring reviews in this manner is a bad idea. If you want better reviews add a system where reviews have to be moderated or community accepted.
Newb May 10 @ 5:24am 
If you don't buy a game from steam store doesn't mean you didn't pay for that game.
The Rosewood Roadrunner May 8 @ 5:05pm 
@LadyOberon: Oh, and it's also too bad they won't ban devs who try to censor people's reviews, etc.
LadyOberon May 8 @ 2:46pm 
I agree @LawndaleLion
The Rosewood Roadrunner May 8 @ 2:41pm 
@LadyOberon: It's just too bad they won't just revoke the reviewing privileges of the shitposters who just post memes, recipes, etc.
LadyOberon May 8 @ 12:32pm 
I agree with the sentiment already expressed that valve should not restrict reviews like this but should instead add filters that an individual user can apply. This would show an overall score and allow the user to drill down, so to speak, to see what differences, if any, are visible among the different categories of reviewers. Try categories/filters like: Bought on Steam (Full Price); Bought on Steam (Sale); and Other to include external retails and gifts, since you have no way of identifying which is which only what was bought here and for how much. I also like the idea to sort reviews by patches/updates because I myself have given negative reviews of broken and bug-riddled games that have since been fixed. Bottom line, let your customers decide what's important to them; don't try to tell them what is or isn't relevant or important.
𝖋𝖚𝖓𝖈𝖞 🐬 Apr 22 @ 4:13pm 
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nitRo71 Apr 19 @ 11:31pm 
Apoc Apr 3 @ 6:52am 
Recent or Overall is kind of OK because some games can change a lot especially early access game but it's a first step into seperating your customers and saying some of their opinions matter less now. There need to be more information to it, at least the date of the last patch to see if those recent reviews are playing the same version of the game as all the other did 2 years ago.

There are multiple ways to improve the review system but narrowing down seems pretty closed minded and an easy and cheap way to push the problem under the rug instead of improving the system.

Apoc Apr 3 @ 6:52am 
The changes to reviews were already bad last year, why not add a little bit more this year, killing Greenlight was not enough to start 2017 it seems. Paying more money does not mean you know the game better. Even a free reviewer can give a good review and someone could throw money at Steam and still write bad reviews and give unfair scores.

The score system is not perfect but narrowing it down won't suddenly make people give good and fair reviews. People can still write a 5 words joke review and if they gave money directly to Steam it counts. Having the option to rate a review funny make them a joke and not something serious that should define how good a game is.

You need to give more information instead of less like you are doing now and allow all your customers to pick their specific preference for the default score they want to see. All reviews, only bought on Steam, only reviews above 50% Helpful voted, only keys gifted directly from the developer.