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cainchild 23 minutes ago 
5,000 is a bit steep. That is more than I will spend on software, and paying artists. It is more than I have spent on classes. There are better ways to cull the chaffe. The higher the fee, the less developers will spend on resources
Now as a dev, I really don't want my hard work in with some of the garbage I've seen. End of story. I work fullo time, and use my free times to spend thousands of hours on the game.

Greenlight was ass. 1/2 people were just wanting free games. Others, were devs down voting competing games. That is nonesense.

$100 overhead/ QA(i.e is it complete, does it contain illegal crap, is it a virus and so on.. Automatic Qa happens in the form of no sales, it comes down and you pay again after a 6 month wait.

Don't shut down those of use spending all of our post bill cash and time on a dream because a few smuchs churn out crap. Also dont shut us down bc dolts like cosmas think games without a million dollar AAA hosue budget for graphics are crap.
Cosmas 5 hours ago 
If you can't afford a $100-1K submission fee you don't need to be in this industry, indie or not.

All of the solo freelancers and small teams out there that are cranking out 2-3 mobile quality games a month on Steam are essentially tarnishing the brand. This isn't a place for student or post-college work, this is a professional marketplace. Even with the above proposed, Steam will continue to be the leader in indie-friendly development compared to any other platform out there and no Valve doesn't doesn't have unlimited funds to hire a 24/7 QA team. It simply isn't practical from a business standpoint. There are simply too many crap submissions.

I'm sorry but its time to face reality. Not everyone can be in this industry. Not everyone can live their dreams. Get a real job and work on your dreams on the side. There's always crowdfunding if you need to raise the funds for submission, but if your product doesn't succeed with the crowd, it probably wasn't very good to start with.
Corrosion 9 hours ago 
we need a voice in this (the steamworks devs)
ЖМУРОТРАХ2000 11 hours ago 
я конечно понимаю , вам деньги нужны , но для России 500 долларей это блядь трехмесячный заработок рабочего на заводе
Kit Scribe 12 hours ago 
100$ up to 5000$? Even 500$ is too much.

And what if somebody already payed for Greenlight?
xzesstence 16 hours ago 
this is so bad.. :( submitting by fee is just bad! it was such a great feeling beeing able to release as much as you work hard.
this way people and especially indies are forced to build up own steam alternatives and mainly release there game with launchers and their own website saving the fee and all the process!
bad choice in my eyes @ steam
Mods_o_joy May 24 @ 4:26pm 
100 dollars PER GAME up to 5,000?! that makes it even HARDER for indie studios and small teams/single devs to publish their games. this is a shit update. hope it does not go through
็GaMeR May 24 @ 12:56pm 
Just remove shitty games...
BROWCOW May 24 @ 7:04am 
Valve doesn't need people constantly asking, "Hey buddy, why the long tail?".
BFeely May 23 @ 8:13am 
Generally for digital stores, there is little overhead in maintaining poor selling pruducts.
It is known as the "long tail." See